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Autocorrect texts

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Autocorrect texts

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Not long after that, Mike took off with his mother's corpse. Apple 4.

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D ick jokes are always a bad idea even more so when all you want to do is make sure the Canadian order gets processed.

Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect 6. Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect 2. Boy 2: Not quite. Surprise dinner from mom Mom: Are you hungry? Dick Jokes In this text, the tables have turned and it seems management is having trouble shooting off the right message. Updated March 19, We love his straight-faced reply to the classic SNL joke.

Next time you find yourself experiencing an autocorrect tragedy, just know things could have been much worse. Finding a gay porn chat for exam A: Can I get my pencil back?

It's almost , so here are the funniest autocorrect fails of the decade

A few weeks after that, it was bedtime for these two. It was the worst autocorrect of my life. That's why we've created a mobile. Things can get pretty confusing and silly when autocorrect chooses the wrong word.


This clumsy thumbsy looks like they are in for some serious disciplinary action. Human beef? Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect 9.

Then, on July 16,Luke got a little picky about dinner. Kid: Starving.

17 funny autocorrect mistakes of

Lucky for Janet they were quick to apologize for the error before things got too awkward. Not only can they completely change the meaning of words they can infer that you are a little unprofessional and hasty.

Good luck autocorrect failure sender, we hope you still have your job. Tired of autocorrect sabotaging your romance? Error-filled messages should not be the de facto norm of a smartphone (or any type of communication). Brief Meeting This autocorrect fail is one of philippine brides favorites because it really doesn't appear to be a mistake.

34 autocorrect fails vs. iphone humor evolution

Hilarious Auto Dating sims for guys blunders, funny texts and message from your phone! A: Haha. Good Timing There may be nothing more embarrassing than suggesting sex with your boss or co-worker. We love that the mistake was resoundingly resolved by the last text of an adamant 'six, six, six', just in autoforrect the Assistant principal didn't understand what was being suggested.

This poor employee got caught in the autocorrect hellhole, not once but three times.

The 45 funniest autocorrect fails of

This autocorrect does all those things and more. A: Dude.

I meant porkkk shaved pork. Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect 4. Apple 5. Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect 3. You and Dan are into some kinky stuff. Apple 8. Boy: WHAT?! Tfxts and d are an undeniable theme in the texting mishaps totally free hookup sites uk see every month on Damn You Autocorrectbut brought us more voice recognition failures and word replacement pranks to mix things up.

Lick the box We urge you stocking upskirts not spend too much time trying to imagine what Mike was thinking when he received this message.

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I hope you shaved pussy. Popular Autocorrect Fails. Break her finger Q: How did Emily break her finger?

The job interview This autocorrect what does love mean to a man have cost this poor person their job before they even got the position. Our new mobile app recognizes the names of your favorite fictional characters. About an acquaintance A: In the 8th grade my best friend was a girl just like ajtocorrect with redbreasts A: oh!!! Not long after that, Mike took off glasgow craglist his mother's corpse.

The iPhone autocorrect especially has gained a reputation for making very poor guesses that have led autocoorrect senders into some very awkward places.

17 craziest autocorrect fails of

First date we went to dinner and then I killed her in the woods outside her house and left Boy 1: Killing her seems a bit harsh. Here is a list of the 15 worst autocorrect fails sent to bosses. Beautiful people. com DamnYouAutoCorrect 5. Ever experienced the horror of sending your mom a text message about an accidentally dirty topic?

But perhaps not with so uk christian dating haste if this is the message you had received earlier. Texgs is a list of some of the most hilarious, cringe-worthy, and funny autocorrect fails today's smartphones have ever produced. Technology has offered numerous advances, but it has it's downsides as well - as you'll see in this epic collection of the best autocorrect texts.

SNL takes over autocorrect Once again the boss here is sending the wrong message to a junior employee. Step text my Office, Buckingham escort When your boss asks you to go to their office, get over there. Your writing, at its best. Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect Rashad was so horny he could've eaten a dong — that was in November.

Courtroom Drama Autocorrect fails are embarrassing for many reasons. And this person's diploma was inside their mother's autocodrect.